Kelley O'Brien Events produces events of all sizes and budgets. With inspiration from our clients, we can help them to find the perfect venue, theme, menu and activities to reflect their needs. We take a uniquely tailored approach for every client, helping our clients to define the purpose of their event then creating a concept that delivers, and executes every detail. We guide them from start to finish, provide support for specific needs, or simply be task-makers on the day of the event. Whatever they need to make their event a success, we will make that happen while exceeding their expectations! 

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philanthropic Events

We are industry leaders in non-profit events nationwide. We always make sure that no expense is wasted and that we are bringing in the most funds possible for each philanthropic event.   These events often feature some of the biggest names in the sports and music industry. 

Private Events

Our event packages are all completely customized to the scale of the event you are planning. 

Movie Premiers Birthday Celebrations Holiday Celebrations

Baby & Bridal Shower Dinner Celebrations Meetings & Conferences + More!


Public Events

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We have worked on some of the most important public events and openings in the the Bay Area, and are intimately familiar with interfacing with local and state governments for seamless production of the event.

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